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10 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Nuremberg, Germany

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

It has always been a dream of mine to visit Germany and it finally came true! I started off my trip in Nuremberg, taking day trips from there, and then I ended my German journey on the Rhein. I've decided to post these pictures to inspire you to visit one of my favorite cities. Nuremberg is home to roughly half a million people and its new, modern buildings surround the Old Town.

Apple Strudel

The streets of Nuremberg


Wochenmarkt Hauptmarkt





St. Lorenz

Breakfast Pastry

If you are looking for a place to fully immerse yourself in the German culture, Nuremberg is the perfect place. From the Nuremberg Castle to underground torture chambers to the daily market, Nuremberg has plenty activities to explore. I'd highly recommend making Nuremberg a stop on your German vacation.


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