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Big Bend National Park: The Ultimate Guide

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Texas is home to two different national parks, one of which is Big Bend National Park. I consider it one of the most beautiful places in the state! With miles and miles of land, fresh air, and starry night skies, Big Bend is the perfect place to escape the city and explore the outdoors. Here is my guide to Big Bend National Park:

What to Expect:


Expect a desert climate: hot summer days, chilly summer nights, and mild/cold winters. Temperatures are in the 90s (and sometimes 100s) during the day in the summer and fall to the 60s or 70s at night. Winters see day temperatures in the 60s and night temps in the 30s. I recommend visiting in the fall, winter, or spring.


Mountain View Restaurant (Big Bend National Park)

This is the only restaurant in the park. It's open daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and it also offers lunches to-go for hikers to enjoy picnics in the park. As the name suggests, the restaurant has great views! Rio Grand Village, Panther Junction, Castolon, and the Chisos Basin also offer some groceries.

La Kiva (Terlingua)

La Kiva is not too far from the park and it offers a variety of options! They have everything from salads and steaks to burgers and pizza. The architecture of the restaurant is super unique & cave-like!

Candelilla Cafe (Lajitas)

Between the national park and Big Bend Ranch State Park is a small town called Lajitas. Candelilla Cafe is at Lajitas Golf Resort and Spa and offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It's the perfect place to enjoy pancakes or huevos rancheros with a morning view of the mountains and golf course!

Jose Falcon's Restaurant & Bar (Boquillas)

If you're feeling a bit adventurous (and have your passport on hand), you can cross the border and head to Jose Falcon's Restaurant & Bar in Boquillas del Carmen for lunch. It's one of two restaurants in Boquillas and offers lunch and dinner options! What better place to enjoy Mexican food than in Mexico :)

What to Do:

Activities in the Park

Here is a map of trails, scenic drives, and points of interest I recommend:

There are other activities in the park other than hiking and driving. You can go fishing, biking, birding, stargazing, and horseback riding. Don't forget to check regulations for activities. Some activities require permits (fishing and horseback riding).

Activities at Lajitas Golf Resort and Spa

Head to Lajitas for golf, stand up paddle boarding, and shooting! They also offer zip lining, which is so much fun! Some of the tours reach speeds up to 50 mph and have incredible views.

Meet Mayor Clay Henry III

The mayor of Lajitas is Clay Henry III, a beer-drinking goat. Yes, you read that right. A goat the drinks beer. He is right outside of the Lajitas General Store, where you can buy alcohol to feed to the goats. They love it! It's a fun, quick thing to do when passing through town!

Where to Stay:

Lajitas Golf Resort and Spa

Lajitas offers all different types of accommodations: regular hotel rooms, suites, condos, and villas! The resort has several restaurant options and so many different activities. There is also a RV park for travelers who prefer more of a camping-style trip. Visitors can stop by the General Store for snacks, lunch, toiletries, and more. If you would like to fly your own plane or take a private jet, there is an airport at the resort! There is a jet charter that provides roundtrip flights from Houston and Dallas.

Big Bend National Park

Not only are there campgrounds in the park, but there is also a lodge! The campgrounds have RV spots and tent spots. The lodge has hotel rooms, motel rooms, and cottages! Not too far from the lodge are convenience stores with food and souvenirs. Obviously staying at the lodge or campgrounds means you are close to trails and other park activities.



This is a big one! Don't forget water and snacks! Stay hydrated!

Border Crossing

Some Mexican Nationals illegally cross the border and place items for sale, which is illegal. We have also encountered a man that crosses and sings for donations. Please read this page for more information on border merchants.


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