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Traveling with My Grandmother

Updated: Jun 22, 2020


Traveling with family is fun and interesting, especially with your Grandma. Several years ago, I traveled around parts of Canada and Massachusetts with my grandma. My grandma takes each of her grandkids on a vacation to wherever they'd like to go and she plans the entire trip. While in Canada, we visited Toronto (and went on a tour that took us to Niagara Falls and a nearby vineyard), Ottawa, Montreal, and Quebec City. We then hopped on a plane to Boston, explored Boston, and drove to the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield.

Overall, the trip was amazing, but traveling with my grandma was interesting. After long days full of walking, I would hear "oh my poor old feet are so sore." The trip also involved lots of singing (not me, my grandma) and talking to strangers (Does anyone else's grandparents do that?)! We also rented a car in Canada and in Boston, which was very scary. My grandma isn't the best driver and she gets lost A LOT, so there were many "detours". When we arrived in Boston, we immediately picked up our rental car at the airport and got on the road. First, to get from the airport to the center of Boston, you have to go through a tunnel. While we were in traffic in the tunnel, the navigation system starts telling us to get over in another lane... let's just say that didn't happen. When we got out of the tunnel, the navigation system told us to get over again, which wasn't possible again. We missed our exit and ended up going the complete opposite way of where we should've gone. Once we finally got back on track, we were a few blocks away from our hotel when the navigation system told us we had to turn left in a few blocks. Well, long story short, we ended up going around the block a few times because my grandma couldn't get over and Boston has a lot of one-way streets.

Although we took a lot of wrong turns and walked so much my grandma complained that her feet were sore, the trip was one of the best I've ever been on. So, if you're ever invited on a trip with your grandparents, GO! They will spoil you and the memories will last forever!


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