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Flying with Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines

I just got home from two weeks in Europe, which has always been my dream, and let me just say it was amazing! It's very hard planning a trip to Europe when you are on a budget, especially when it comes to finding a cheap but good airline. I found that Singapore Airlines had the cheapest economy tickets with great ratings.


The service on Singapore Airlines was splendid! All of the flight attendants were very pleasant, helpful, and respectful. After take-off and before landing the flight attendants give you a hot hand towel to wipe your hands and/or your face, which is very refreshing.


Surprisingly, Singapore provides about two meals per flight in addition to snacks. I flew overnight from Houston to Manchester and they provided me with dinner, dessert, and breakfast. Passengers are offered two choices at each meal. For dinner, I had coleslaw and smoked salmon as an appetizer, fried rice and beef with a honey sauce drizzle a an entree, a roll with butter, cheese and crackers, and tea. For dessert, since we had departed from Houston, we were offered Blue Bell Ice Cream. Yum! For breakfast the next morning I had yogurt, a roll and butter, fruit, an omelette, orange juice, and tea.

On the way back home I flew nonstop, again, from Manchester to Houston. For the first meal I had a potato and shrimp appetizer, salmon with a creamy lemon and caper sauce, vegetables, a roll with butter, cheese and crackers, and ice cream for dessert. As a snack I had a sandwich with ham, hardboiled eggs, and tomatoes. For the second meal I had pork in a creamy sauce and potatoes, a roll and butter, and cheese and crackers. For dessert after the "light dinner" I had cheesecake.

All in all, I highly recommend flying Singapore Airlines is you ever have a choice. Great price and great service!


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