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A Food Guide to Fredericksburg, TX

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

If you follow me on social media, you probably noticed that I visit Fredericksburg, TX a lot! I usually post Instagram stories of all the food I eat (insert this emoji-> 😅). There are so many places to eat in Fredericksburg and it can be hard to choose from, so I thought I'd share some of my favorites. Here are 10 tasty places around town to grab a bite to eat:


Der Lindenbaum has the best authentic German food in town! From potato soup to jägerschnitzel, sauerbraten to black forest cake. The restaurant is housed in an old building built by Fredericksburg's settlers. The owner, who is German, graduated from a hotel and restaurant school in Germany! Head on over to Der Lindenbaum, order some schnitzel and a German beer (yes, imported from Germany). You can't visit Fredericksburg without eating German food!

My favorite order: potato and cheese soup, jägerschnitzel, and apple strudel

Der Lindenbaum


Chicken Schnitzel.... that's all I have to say. I'm kidding, there is more to Altstadt! Of course they have different beers that are made in-house. They also have amazing food! Chicken schnitzel, fish and chips, peaches and cream, and so much more! Side note: when the weather is great, ask to sit outside! There's also a massive bier hall with live music & dancing!

My favorite order: chicken schnitzel & peaches and cream


Altdorf has a mix of everything: salads, German food, southwestern food, burgers, and sandwiches. My favorite is the chicken salad with avocado! Delicious and light, which is perfect if you plan on going for a stroll down Main Street afterward. The restaurant has indoor seating, a front patio area with a view of Main Street, and a back patio area (sometimes there is live music on the back patio)!

My favorite order: chicken salad with avocado


When I was young, my family would visit Fredericksburg and we would always stop at a local bakery to get some Sweet German Pretzels. That bakery eventually closed and others tried to imitate the pretzels, but they just weren't the same. The owner of the bakery who made the delicious Sweet German Pretzels opened up Pritzer Sweet Shop. The pretzels are just as good as they were before! They also sell other mouth-watering baked goods and awesome milkshakes and ice cream cones.

My favorite baked good: sweet German pretzel


Looking for a plain ol' sandwich and chips and a little scoop of ice cream for dessert, check out Clear River. You can build your own sandwich if you're not up for any that are on the menu. You can also choose from a large selection of ice cream flavors for a scoop, a cone, a shake, or a sundae. They also have a TV inside that shows Grease all day!

My favorite order: build your own sandwich & a milkshake

Clear River


This is a MUST when visiting Fredericksburg!! I can't eat pie anywhere else because it does not live up to Fredericksburg Pie Company's slices of Heaven. I've tried so many kinds of pie here and I love all of them! Pecan, German chocolate, buttermilk, apple blueberry, lemon meringue, orange bourbon pecan, and the list goes on and on. They are only open Thursday through Saturday and they sell out fast, so get there before 1 or 2pm!!

My favorite order: a slice of any pie (I'm not even joking... and if you get a warm pie, like apple, pecan, or peach, don't forget a scoop of ice cream to go on top)


Best breakfast in town!! My favorite, the Josephine, is a sliced buttermilk biscuit with fig preserves on one side and tomato, melted brie cheese, ham, and a fried egg on top! That also comes with a side of fruit :)

They also have more traditional breakfast meals, like eggs with bacon, a biscuit/toast, and potatoes, and omelettes, amazing pancakes, eggs Benedict, fruit with yogurt and granola, and caramelized banana French toast.

My favorite order: the Josephine

Sunset Grill


Hondo's is a great place if you're looking to spend a Friday or Saturday night eating, talking, and listening to live music. Hondo's has a shaded biergarten with string lights and gazebo, making it the perfect place to enjoy a burger or chili with friends.

My favorite order: chips & salsa and a chicken sandwich


"Woerner's," as my family calls it, is in an old building that once housed a feed store called "Woerner Feed Store." Today, you can eat amazing pizza (not your typical pizza though, more gourmet), a panini, a sandwich, salad, or soup in the rustic building. While you're waiting for your food, you can even do some shopping in the store section of the warehouse!

My favorite order: either the California BBQ Chicken Pizza or a Sonoma chicken sandwich with a salad or fruit


Rathskeller is another restaurant that has a little bit of everything for all three meals of the day. I enjoy their chicken burger, pasta, salads, and German food. Their Hill Country beignets are delicious! The coolest thing about Rathskeller is that it's in the basement of an old, stone building from the 1800s that used to be a hospital!

My favorite order: German Sampler Plate (lunch or dinner), Hill Country beignets (breakfast)


11. Main Street Taquitos

You may not notice this place while you're strolling down Main Street, since it is in a tiny building set back from Main St., but you won't want to miss Main Street Taquitos! They have different kinds of taquitos (little street tacos), quesadillas, breakfast tacos, crepes, Mexican sodas, and more!

My favorite order: chicken taquitos


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