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The Truth Behind RV Travel

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

RV travel is super popular right now, especially with the spread of coronavirus. It is easier to social distance and stay away from things that have been in contact with others when you're not staying in a hotel or vacation rental. RV travel can be really fun, but it is definitely not for everyone. Here is the truth about RVing (based on my 5 years of RVing experience):


Something Always Goes Wrong

It seems as though something always happens: a part is broken, there is a leak, you don't have enough propane, there's a funky smell coming from the toilet. Essentially, you are transporting a miniature house (and you may be going over bumps or rough roads) so obviously things shift and/or break on the road. Every time you transport your RV, you have to make sure there is nothing you need to fix. It is just something that comes with the territory.


Unpack, Pack

A lot of people choose to invest in RV travel so they don't have to unpack and repack constantly on road trips. While you are able to keep your clothes in the RV and you don't have to unpack/repack them at each destination, you have to make sure all the kitchen utensils and other items inside the RV are packed up (so they don't shift much in transit) before you leave for the next destination. Also, you have to connect sewer/water/electricity/etc. every time you arrive at the next RV park and disconnect/store everything away before you leave.


We Are Family

RVing with family is nice and in some RVs there are "extra rooms" with bunk beds (some with a couch too!). Of course larger travel trailers and motorhomes have enough space so you won't bump into your fellow travelers, but not everyone has the massive truck to pull the travel trailer or the guts to drive the big motorhome. In smaller or even average-sized travel trailers and motorhomes, you have to utilize all the storage you have so you have more space to walk around and do everyday activities.


Make Some Noise (But Not Really)

If someone gets out of bed or off the couch in a travel trailer, you will (most of the time) feel and/or hear it. As with other accommodations, you can occasionally hear other people or vehicles at the RV park if they are close (or just loud... some people are just naturally louder 🤷‍♀️).


Is It Really Cheaper?

Another reason some people choose to invest in an RV is because they believe it is cheaper than staying in hotels or vacation rentals. While in some cases this may be true, you have to think about all the costs that go into RV travel. Not only are you paying for the RV, but you are also paying for the spot at the RV park. In addition, you are paying for any repairs that you have to make or parts that you have to buy along the way. Because you are pulling (or driving) a tiny house, you are going to waste more fuel on the road. This means you are filling up your gas tank more often, therefore, spending more money on fuel. Also, if you ever want to wash your clothes, you'll need a lot of quarters to use for the washing/drying machines at the RV parks or washaterias. There are a lot of costs that add up over time. Some travelers manage to make RVing cheaper than staying in other accommodations, but it is very difficult (especially if you are not willing to give up certain things).


This article is not meant to turn you away from RV travel, it is simply to make you more aware. With the rise in RV travel, it is easy to get swept up in the thought of investing in a travel trailer or motorhome without researching. Don't judge a book by its cover; it's not all rainbows and sunshines (I'm only slightly joking when I say this). 😂 There is a lot more that goes into RVing than what is let on.


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