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Tips for Long Distance Flights

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

One of my least favorite parts of traveling is flying and I'm sure many of you feel the same way. There are certain things that I do to prepare for long distance flights. Here are some of my top tips:


Don't be afraid to hop on a flight in sweatpants and a T-shirt. Dress in whatever outfit makes you comfortable. You can always pack an extra outfit in your carry-on or in a convenient spot in your luggage and change in the airport bathroom once you land.


Make sure you pack everything you will need on the plane in your carry-on that stows under the seat. Sometimes it's easy to forget items in your bag in the overhead bin, but if you have to keep getting out of your seat to get more stuff out of your bag, it can be distracting and, quite honestly, annoying for other passengers. Some items I always pack: headphones, phone & charger, gum (my ears hurt like crazy during landing, gum sometimes helps), a snack, and face wipes. I use the face wipes to freshen up toward the end of my flight, so I feel refreshed when I land.


I struggle with this big time! I am not someone that can just fall asleep anywhere at any time, so I basically have to force myself to sleep on long flights. Even then, I only sleep for about 45 minutes and by the time the plane lands, I'm beyond tired. Some airlines will provide ear plugs or sleeping masks upon request, but I suggest packing some earplugs in your carry-on and using the airline blanket (if provided) to block out any light. You want to be well-rested and ready to explore when you land!


If you eat at the airport before your flight, make sure you have something light and do not stuff yourself. Most long haul flights provide food. Personally, airplane food makes me feel sick, so I usually pick the lightest meal and only eat a tiny bit (I eat some bread, a little bit of the main dish, and a little bit of the side). I'm a huge dessert person, so I also eat most of the dessert provided by the airline. Again, it's important not to stuff yourself. Of course, everyone is different and airplane food doesn't affect everyone, but you also don't know if there will be any turbulence that could make your stomach uneasy. You can also ask for extra snacks if don't plan on eating the meal.


Whether you're going to the restroom or simply standing up for a minute, make sure to stretch your legs. Airplanes can get super cramped, especially if you're sitting in economy, and your legs will get stiff.

Take these tips into consideration on your next long flight and you will hop off the plane feeling great!


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