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5 Reasons You Should Travel

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Wondering what all the travel hype is about? Still wondering why you should join in on all the fun? Here's a list of reasons why YOU should travel:


There are so many different cultures in this world and each has their own traditions and food. A great way to experience these cultures and learn about the different lifestyles is by traveling. Try new foods that you can't find anywhere else. Take part in new traditions. Learn about different lifestyles. There are so many ways to immerse yourself in other cultures.


You have the opportunity to make friends from all over the world when you're traveling and you know that you at least have one thing in common: you love to travel. You may also meet locals and get good tips on the best things to see/do and the best restaurants. Don't know how to strike up a conversation? Compliment their outfit, ask where they are from, or even comment on a conversation they were having. My mom once told me to go to a market because "you never know who you'll meet there" and that has stuck with me ever since. When you go places, you may meet your best friend, companion, business partner, or just someone who influences your life. I am not extroverted by any means, but I learned that striking up a conversation with strangers isn't as hard as you think.


A great time to connect to nature is when you are traveling. When traveling, you have the opportunity to experience the beauty of nature and see things that you've never seen before. Whether, you're at the beach, in a forest, in the mountains, or simply at a park, you never know what you'll find in nature.


Everyone needs an occasional break and the best way to take a break is by traveling. Even if you're someone who just likes to spend your break relaxing, travel somewhere and relax by the pool or in a park. Spend some time for yourself to gather your thoughts and learn more about yourself. Treat yourself!


One of the best ways to learn is by traveling. You learn about different cultures and lifestyles, nature, history, and geography. If you go to the rainforest or ocean, you have the opportunity to learn about biology. Experiences will even teach you life lessons. If you travel on a budget, you learn how to spend less money and rely on less in life. Solo travel will teach you a lot about yourself, how independent, social, and conscious you are.


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