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7 Spots for Sweets in Denver, CO

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

When you think of foodie cities, do you think of Denver? You should!! As someone who loves sweets, I knew that I had to try a bunch of different desserts around Denver and compile my favorites into this post. So here they are... 7 spots for sweets in Denver:


Duffeyroll Cafe serves unique cinnamon rolls with different flavors. You can get a regular sized roll or a mini cinnamon roll in the original flavor, Irish Cream, English Toffee, or other flavors! There are three different Duffeyroll Cafe locations so no matter where you're staying in Denver, you won't have to go far for a Duffeyroll.

What to try: A variety of mini duffeyrolls... I recommend at least trying the original and the Irish Cream!

Address (Original Cafe):

4994 East Hampden Ave.

Denver, CO 80222


Le French is a cute French (go figure that one 😉 ) cafe founded by Senegalese French sisters. They have delicious desserts, like crème brulée and crepes, and pastries, like croissants and cinnamon rolls. It's the perfect place to enjoy a pastry and café au lait on the Parisian-esque patio!

What to try: You can never go wrong with a croissant!


4901 S. Newport St.

Denver, CO 80237


Reunion Bread is located in The Source Market Hall near downtown Denver. They have all kinds of artisan breads and pastries, like panettone, olive za'atar, different types of croissants, and pastel de nata. If there's something specific you want to try at Reunion Bread, make sure you get there early!

What to try: Pumpkin croissant! It's seasonal (fall) but it's so delicious!


3350 Brighton Blvd. #140

Denver, CO 80216


Grammy's Goodies is a quaint, family-owned restaurant right outside of Denver. They serve all kinds of Italian food and delicious-looking desserts! Grammy's Goodies has everything from lemon squares and cannolis to cookies and massive cream puffs!

What to try: Caramel Apple Cake


4601 Harlan St.

Wheat Ridge, CO 80033


Tokyo Premium Bakery is located in a cute shopping area of Denver. You won't find your typical bakery items here! They serve croissants, danishes, baguettes, sandwiches, and Japanese baked goods. I visited in the afternoon and mostly everything was sold out, so make sure you go to Tokyo Premium Bakery early!

What to try: Croissant or peach danish


1540 S Pearl St.

Denver, CO 80210


Wake & Bake is a small donut shop that serves so many different kinds of donuts, pastries, sandwiches, and breakfast wraps. Their donuts are perfect for breakfast or dessert! Even if you're waking up super early (or I guess if you've had a really, really late night), Wake & Bake is ready for you; they open at 1am!

What to try: S'mores donut


1301 S Broadway

Denver, CO 80210


7. Little Man Ice Cream

Little Man Ice Cream is one of the coolest ice cream places you'll visit. They have typical and unique flavors (and vegan options!), like salted Oreo, Mexican vanilla, purple cow, and chocolate! Not only are the flavors cool, but the buildings that both Little Man locations are housed in are also awesome!! The Highland location is housed in a giant cream can and their West Colfax Factory is decorated like an industrial factory!

What to try: Salted Oreo

Address (Factory):

4411 W Colfax Ave.

Denver, CO 80204



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