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A Weekend Guide to San Antonio, TX

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Austin, Dallas, and even Houston are probably the most popular cities in Texas for weekend trips, but San Antonio is also a great weekend getaway. Here are some awesome things you can do on your next weekend trip to San Antonio:

1. Alamo

The Alamo, originally a chapel of the 17th century Mission San Antonio de Valero, has so much history! You can learn all about Texas and the Alamo (and you can do it at no cost because entrance to the Alamo is free!!)


2. River Walk

The San Antonio River Walk is a 15-mile long pathway along the river that is lined by restaurants, shops, hotels, and history. Some of San Antonio's best restaurants are on the River Walk. You can also take a river cruise to see the River Walk from a different perspective!


3. Missions

In addition to the Alamo, San Antonio is home to four other missions dating back to the 1700s! Mission Concepción is actually the oldest unrestored stone church in the US! At Mission San Juan Capistrano, which was established in 1731, the chapel and bell tower are still in use! If you are into history or architecture, I highly recommend visiting all the missions! Each one looks different, but they are all beautiful and some even have original artwork on the walls.


4. Market Square

The largest Mexican market in the US, the Historic Market Square is three-blocks long and is full of shops and restaurants. You cannot visit San Antonio without stopping by the market to eat at Mi Tierra and grab a few souvenirs. Mi Tierra has some of the best Mexican food I've ever put in my mouth (and believe me, I've had LOTS of Mexican food). Their menu is giant, so there is something for everyone! There is also something for everyone in the shops! The market has over 100 locally owned businesses selling food, pottery, clothing, and so many awesome other things.


5. Natural Bridge Caverns & Wildlife Ranch

This isn't technically in San Antonio, but if you have the time and you have a way of getting here, definitely go! There are 5 different tours that you can take to explore the caves. If you're feeling super adventurous, one of their tours includes climbing, hiking, and rappelling (no handrails included 😆). After you explore the caves, head on over to their wildlife ranch for a drive-thru safari! You can purchase animal food at the front gate and feed zebras, ostriches, gazelles, llamas, and other animals! You're going to want at least one bag of animal food per person!! When you finish the drive-thru safari, you can head on over to the petting zoo to make some new animal friends.

Now that you know some of what San Antonio has to offer, plan your next Texas weekend trip in this amazing city! There are so many awesome things to do/see, so much culture, and loads of good food!


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