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The Ultimate Guide to Fredericksburg, TX

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

With wineries popping up all across town, Fredericksburg (aka FBG), a beautiful German town in the middle of Texas Hill Country, has become extremely popular in the past few years and it has been featured in many different magazines. I've always considered Fredericksburg my second home, so watching it become a nationally known town has been sort of mind-blowing. Whether you're looking for a weekend getaway or a long vacation, FBG is the place for you! It has a bit of German character with a Texas twist. Here is a guide to Fredericksburg, Texas:

A rainbow after a stormy evening in Fredericksburg




Main Street is a highway (yes, a lot of people don't believe it, but it is a highway) that runs through the center of town and has tons of shops, restaurants, tasting rooms, and museums along it. Fredericksburg isn't a large town, but this is definitely (and reasonably so) the most popular area.

You can shop for everything here, from food to clothes to furniture and home products.

Here's a list of my favorite stores:













The National Museum of the Pacific War, housed on six acres, has different exhibits, archives, presentations, and memorials about the Pacific War (obviously hehehe). The museum is housed in an old hotel building owned by Charles H. Nimitz, grandfather of Admiral Chester W. Nimitz (a Fredericksburg native who played a major role in World War II), and there is an exhibit all about Admiral Nimitz. Outside, the museum has a Japanese Garden of Peace, which was gifted from the people of Japan, and a memorial courtyard. They also have a reenactment showing how the Pacific War took place and how equipment and weapons were used in the war. I highly recommend not only visiting the museum, but also going to the reenactment! I've seen several different reenactments across the nation, but the National Museum of the Pacific War's reenactment is definitely the best!

The Pioneer Museum has historical buildings with hundreds of artifacts, like tools, artwork, and farming equipment, from Fredericksburg's early days (mid-1800s). You will learn all about life in 19th century FBG and you can learn how to do things like make a rope or a nail by hand!

The original Vereins Kirche was a church, meeting place, and school all in one, but it was demolished in the 1890s. The new Vereins Kirche, located in the Marktplatz, was built in 1935 and served as a library, a post office, and different museums. Today you can go in and read about Fredericksburg's history. They also display some really cool, old photos of FBG!

LBJ Ranch (the National Historic Park) was where former President Lyndon B. Johnson was born, lived, and died. He is also buried there alongside his wife, Lady Bird Johnson. You can tour the "Texas White House" (the home of President and Mrs. Johnson), LBJ's boyhood home, his grandfather and great-uncle's cattle driving headquarters, and the one room schoolhouse that he attended! You can also see and learn about his and his wife's farmland, airplane hangar, plane (Air Force One-Half), and more!

(Fun Fact: my great-great-grandfather helped build a fence at LBJ Ranch)

The LBJ State Park & Historic site features the Sauer-Beckmann Living History Farm, historic cabins, and trails. When you step foot on the Living History Farm, it's like you're traveling back in time. Park rangers are dressed in historical clothing and completing chores, like collecting eggs, feeding animals, cooking, and cleaning. Not only will you experience what life was like in the early 1900s, you will also experience what it's like to live on a farm.



To put it simply, Enchanted Rock is a massive mound of pink granite. I know that doesn't sound impressive, but it is really awesome and you can hike up to the top of it and enjoy the views of Texas Hill Country. There are also 11 miles of trails around the park! Everyone who visits FBG must go to Enchanted Rock State Natural Area!

Marktplatz, which is in the center of Fredericksburg, is home to the Vereins Kirche, a playground, pavilions, and a small flower garden area. It's also where the weekly farmer's market takes place and where Oktoberfest and Christmas activities are held every year. It's the perfect place for a picnic!

Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Park

Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Park has everything! In this 150 acre park there are pavilions, playgrounds, nature trails, and a swimming pool. It also has a baseball field, a basketball court, a sand volleyball court, tennis courts, and pickleball courts. Live Oak Creek runs through the park, making it the perfect place to go fishing! Not only does the park offer all of these activities, it is also connected to Lady Bird Johnson RV Park and Lady Bird Golf Course. There is so much to do here, just round up your friends/family, grab your equipment, and head on over!

Cross Mountain Park

What was once a Native American lookout is now a park with walking trails, an outlook, and lighted cross. The park got its name, Cross Mountain (or "Kreuzberg" in German) from the timber cross that was found on top of the hill when Fredericksburg was settled. Enjoy a walk on the trails and a beautiful view of town!

Old Tunnel State Park

As the name suggests, the state park is home to an old tunnel, which the Fredericksburg and Northern Railway passed through. Once the railway was decommissioned in the 1940s, the tunnel became home to over three million Mexican free-tailed bats. Visitors are able to see the tunnel, see incredible views of the hill country, learn about bats, and watch as the bats emerge from the tunnel before dark! It's a very unique experience and I highly recommend visiting!



Fredericksburg has tons of vacation rentals scattered throughout town and, of course, right outside town. Check out Airbnb, Vacasa, VRBO, and Absolute Charm if you're interested in staying in a vacation rental.

One Airbnb I highly recommend is The Coral Door! It is well equipped, it has plenty of room, it has a big backyard with a lot of activities, it's close to Main Street, and the hosts are great!

There are several hotels, motels, guesthouses, bed and breakfasts, and RV parks located in Fredericksburg also. Here are my favorite (separated by category):

Hotels & Motels


RV Parks



It may be difficult to choose a restaurant with so many options around town. Here are a few of my favorites:

Check out this post for a more detailed food guide to Fredericksburg!



Every year, Fredericksburg has so many different events that draw in thousands of people. Here are a few of their events and my favorite things to do based on the seasons:



The Stonewall Peach Jamboree is a really fun summer activity! Although it isn't in FBG, it's very popular with Fredericksburgers (it's in the neighboring town of Stonewall). You can enjoy delicious food, watch the rodeo or contests, listen to great live music, or have fun dancing!

Peach Season is mid-May through August!

There are so many roadside markets and orchards; some even offer the opportunity to pick your own fruit! Don't forget to stop by Vogel Orchard, my favorite orchard, and pick up some peaches and peach cobbler (with ice cream).

Fredericksburg holds a fun 4th of July parade and fireworks display every year. The parade, which consists of old cars, tractors, citizens with their horses, floats, and more, takes place on Main St. (where businesses are decorated in red, white, and blue) and the fireworks display is held at Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Park. 4th of July is one of my favorite days to spend in FBG!

Another fun summer activity in Fredericksburg is the Pari-Mutuel Horse Racing. They have horse races on two different weekends in July and two in August. It's $10 for adults and $5 for kids to enter and then you can bet on horses or just watch the races! It is super fun and the crowd gets really into it!



I believe the best time to go to Fredericksburg is either in the fall or spring because of the weather!

The summers usually consist of hot days and breezy nights, the winters are usually chilly (occasionally light snow), and the spring and fall are comfortable.

The best event that occurs in Fredericksburg, in my opinion, is Oktoberfest! After all, what is a German city without Oktoberfest? It takes place every year on the first full weekend of October (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). You have the opportunity to eat delicious food (if you are searching for potato pancakes this is the place to be, but be sure to get in line early before the crowd comes), play games, shop, listen to oompah, and (of course) drink beer!



The best time to visit Fredericksburg in the winter is during the Christmas holidays! The Marktplatz (Market Square) is garnished with Christmas lights and decorations. You may run into gingerbread cut-out men, a beautiful, giant christmas tree, or the 26-foot Weihnachtspyramide (Christmas Pyramid). Enjoy the chilly winter nights with hot chocolate, decorations, and ice skating without leaving the Marktplatz!



Like many other towns, Easter is an awesome time to be in Fredericksburg, TX, especially for families. There are many Easter egg hunts where kids have fun and collect candy.

In the spring, Fredericksburg is full of beautiful, vibrant flowers that burst up on the sides of the road. One of my favorite things to do in spring is to drive around Fredericksburg and on the outskirts of town and take in the stunning scenery. My family calls these drives "adventures" because, often times, we get lost and end up in places we don't know. This is the best way to see the most gorgeous parts of the country and learn new things though.

In April, drive down Willow City Loop and you'll see fields of beautiful bluebonnets! It's simply amazing!!


Enjoy German culture, Hill Country architecture, and Texas character in this small central Texas town! It's the perfect destination for a girl's getaway, family vacation, or couple's romantic weekend.


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